About San Juan

When you visit San Juan, you find that it is a combination of sensations. Climates, flavors and unforgettable landscapes. Come visit.

Connectivity: You can get to San Juan by plane, car or bus.

Routes and Roads in the Province 

The province of San Juan is crossed by the National Route No. 40. Imagine traveling throughout the province from the north arriving from La Rioja to the south where you will find yourself in Mendoza.

However, that's not the only route. There is Route 20 that starts in Buenos Aires under the name of Hipolito Irigoyen Avenue, which then turns into a National Route in the department of Santa Lucia. It links San Luis, Cordoba and Buenos Aires.

Avenida de Circunvalación is the main fast route to enter and exit the City of San Juan. On the other hand, if you are downtown, you may take Jose Ignacio de la Roza Avenue to cross the Desamparados area and enter the department of Rivadavia, where Route 12 starts. Libertador San Martín is another important Avenue, which starts in the KM 0 and connects the Capital department with Rivadavia and Ullum to the west and with Santa Lucia to the east.

Known as Conector Sur, this modern road system allows you to access nearby areas and departments from the capital, including the most populated areas such as Rawson or Pocito. 

Covering a distance of almost 350 kilometers, Route 149 is located west of San Juan and Northwest of Mendoza

National Route 150 is one of the newest, and was inaugurated in October 2014. It is located in the northern center of the Province and connects it with Chile through Paso de Agua Negra at an altitude of 4779 meters above sea level. This route also takes you to Ischigualasto and connects Jachal and Iglesia.

National and International Flights 

Fly, fly. And then come back. Because there are many daily flights connecting San Juan to the city of Buenos Aires (four a day) and to Santiago de Chile (two a day).

These flights depart from the Domingo Faustino Sarmiento Airport, located minutes from the city of San Juan and two hours from the International Airport of the City of Mendoza.

City of San Juan Bus Terminal

From the bus terminal of the City of San Juan you can travel throughout the Province, the country, and also to other countries. There are many companies with daily routes for you to have a smooth travel experience.

Public Transportation or Car:

When we say that the view one has from the routes is good, we also mean the routes themselves. Because they are in good condition to use them daily. No matter the destination, there will always be a route and public transport that will take you there. Also... Have we mentioned the landscapes?