About San Juan

When you visit San Juan, you find that it is a combination of sensations. Climates, flavors and unforgettable landscapes. Come visit.

San Juan has mainly a mountainous relief interspersed by valleys and crossings under a mild dry climate.

There are wide thermal amplitudes within the semi-arid mountain climate that characterizes the area. From the west, the high Andean peaks work as a barrier against the humid and cold winds from the Pacific. And from the East, the Pampa mountains soften the force of the Atlantic winds, decreasing humidity.

The mountain range offers a true arid high mountain climate. The minimum temperature can reach minus 30 degrees Celsius and the average is 5 degrees Celsius in the warmest month. The wind comes from the west and the air is dry.

Everything changes in the valleys. Temperatures are more moderate and vary according to height. But on hot days, temperatures can reach 45 degrees Celsius. The province is not characterized by much rainfall, so do not worry if you forget your umbrella, there will only be short rains every now and then.

The famous Zonda wind is the most characteristic. It is warm, dry, and comes from the west. It occurs mainly in the fall and spring seasons.

Of the 365 days of the year, 300 are sunny days. So it’s ok if you forget your umbrella. However, remember to bring sunglasses.